Solved! Headphone Green Port Issues

Sep 1, 2019
so i just updated my drivers, and all of a sudden my headphones stopped working. one of the drivers i updated included Realtek HD audio drivers, and i was using the line in port on the back of the pc for my headphones as well.

the issue here is, whenever i plug my headphones into the green port on either the front or back of my computer only the right earphone works. keep in mind that my headphones go from perfectly good to no sound at all through the entire set or the one headphone.

-the audio isnt only dialed into the one headphone
- when i adjust the volume to just the left headphone the sound goes away.
-when plugged into the “line in” port no sound is heard -when setting my default audio to every single thing i have in my system i get no sound.
-only when i plug my headphones into the green port i get any type of sound, and only when i set it to the “Speakers” Realtek audio driver setting
-i have restarted my pc

i would appreciate being helped to resolve this problem because its so infuriating knowing something is wrong with your computer and there is nothing about it or no info. thank you in advance
check the earphone with a phone a other device, maybe it´s faulty

check if the balance of the playback audio is not set to one speaker´s side

reinstall the latest realtek driver from the support homepage of your system