Headphone sound problem?


Jun 23, 2016
Hi, so I have these headphones and in the past the sound would come out of my phone and the headphones themselves. Well, I borrowed my sister's headphones for the past few day and they worked fine. Today I used them and the sound came out muffled and distorted. I decided not to use them and tried my own headphones, which had the phone sound problem I mentioned. Well, when I put on music it came out not from the phone/headphone problem, but the same issue with my sister's headphones. It was distorted on my headphones, too. I'm assuming it's my phone's problem or the wire connection...? Please help!
Might be, could try uninstalling the sound drivers, reboot and let them reinstall and see if that helps, also can check the laptops homepage and see if newer drivers avaialable