Headphones sound keeps switching ears.

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Dec 8, 2012
This may sound weird and Ive never heard of this issue before but my headphones surround sound keeps switching ears. Things on my right being heard from my left speaker. So I just flip my headphones, its uncomfortable but whatever. Then it switches again, things on my right were just fine a second ago, now I am hearing them from my left. So I flip back, then it will switch again. I will do more research but it seems it only switches when I flip my earphones if I keep them the same it will always stay backwards.

Whats happening and how do i fix this? Thanks for the time. You guys have always been life savers so thank you for the help as always.

Some info:
Windows 7.
CPU: AMD FX-8320
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

If there is anymore info you need I will find it.
What are you listening to when the sound flips? A lot of YouTube videos do that to thwart the automated copyright violation notices the movie and music studios send just for using a short clip of a movie or song (protected under Fair Use, but they don't care). Messing with the sound that way seems to be enough to confuse whatever algorithm they're using to identify a soundtrack as "theirs".


Jun 24, 2016

You are an absolute genius! I now see what you're talking about, and am able to notice it. Thanks for your contribution to the forum.
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