Question Headset + laptop + won 10 = no microphone

Nov 15, 2019

So, i've searched and theres a ton of people asking for help on this issue bue 0% have found a solution.

I have a Helios 300 and a Hyperx stinger.

When i connect the Stinger to the laptop with the ine jack port, the microphone of the headset doens not get detected. The microphone of the laptop still gets the input.

Yes, i've checked the microphone option in the privacy options, the show disable items in the sound options, and theres no Stinger microphone there.
Yes, the headset works fine.

Tests i did:

1 Another headset with one jack: - Also the microphone didnt work.

2 Tested the Stinguer in the PS4 and in the phone and the microphone worked.

3 My external monitor has input and output jack and i have a adaptor that came with the stinger. The monitor is connected via displayport to the laptop.
Connected the Stinger to the monitor with the adptor. Sound is good. Still no microphone.

4 (Important test) I tried with a wireless headset. (Sony Gold) and sound is good and the microphone WORKS. ( but the headsets are inconfortable and i prefer the stinger.


Are the jack of the laptop and the jack of the monitor broken? Dont think so.
Are the headset broken? No.

Is this a problem with the realtek driver? Windows problem?

I cant test in other windows version.
And ill buy a usb adapter to test.

With so many people with this especific problem, whats going on?
It is possible that the 3.5mm port on the laptop is well not compatible with that headset. Yes I know it sounds odd, but I have run into this many times. Either the port was made with a cheap part, or it and the microphone connections don't line up correctly That is very common.

Now you said you checked the settings for it, so I want to just be clear... with the headset connected, you went into "Control Panel" and then "Sound", clicked on the "Recording" tab and the headset wasn't listed? Even when right clicking on the empty white background of the window and making sure that both "show disabled" and "show disconnected" were checked... and the headset mic does not show. is this correct?

If this is the case, then I stand by the port issue. The only options then are to...
  1. Use a different headset that does work (which you said you didn't want to do).
  2. Have the port replaced and hope that resolves it. (Sometimes it will sometimes it won't.)
  3. Get a 3.5mm to USB adapter (they are quite cheap) and connect through that.
Example adapter referring to...
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