Headset Mic Not Working When Gaming

Feb 5, 2019
Headset: Having this problem with MH752 and G633. I do not have this issue with the G930 or G430. All of these are USB headsets.

Motherboard: Asus z170-a

Problem: My mic works just fine when on my desktop, Steam, and surfing the internet when talking in Steam Voice, Discord, and Skype. When I load up a game it either stops picking up my voice immediately or a couple of minutes being in game.

Mic shows in sound -> recording as the default device, even when it messes up.
Happens in a variety of different games, some of which do not have an in-game voice chat and some which do.
Mic doesn't come back until I close out of the game. Sometimes I have to unplug it and plug it back in.

What I've tried:

Checked settings -> privacy -> microphone to ensure that it was enabled on this device and that apps had access.

Went to Settings -> System -> Sound -> to make sure it showed my mic as the chosen input device, it was.

Checked Settings -> System -> Sound -> App volume and device preferences. VOIP and Game were set to default. Even though my mic was the default input device I still changed it from default -> my mic just to test. Problem still happened.

Updated headset firmware, Realtek high Definition Audio driver, chipset drivers. Problem still persists.

Went to control panel -> hardware and sound -> power options -> changed from balanced to high performance. didn't change anything so I came back here and went to -> change plan settings -> USB settings -> USB Selective suspend settings -> disabled. Also didn't make a difference so I changed this back to default.

Kind of lost on what to try now. At first I thought it was just a faulty g633 but the same thing happening to a new mh752 has me thinking this has to be an issue with my PC.

Any input is welcome.
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