Hello :)


Dec 16, 2012
Hello ladies and gentleman I would like some help regarding a new laptop. I'm looking for a laptop that would have res 1080p and would be able to run witcher 2 with ubersampling on with steady FPS. I live in UK and I'm looking for cheapest one that could meet my requirements. Thanks for help :)


May 14, 2012
PCSpecialist Enigma IV (NVIDIA GT 650M, 15.6" 1920x1080 matte display) - ~£599

- http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/enigmaIV/
- First, upgrade the display to 1920x1080. You shouldn't buy the Enigma IV in any configuration that includes one of the 1366x768 display options. 1366x768 resolution in a 15.6 inch display make things onscreen large, and 15.6 inch displays that have 1366x768 resolution tend to be low-grade LCD panels with very poor image quality due to low contrast. You should make a point to avoid displays like this when it is reasonable to do so, unless you require the larger text for eyesight related reasons. While the 1920x1080 display is excellent, with its high contrast and in that it allows you to fit a lot onscreen, the reason you need to be concerned with this isn't just because of how good the 1920x1080 display is, it's also because of how bad the 1366x768 display is. I wouldn't be recommending this if it didn't offer the upgraded displays. (Note: The more expensive one has better colors, but the cheaper 1920x1080 option is still great)
- Memory: Pick 4GB. More probably is not necessary, but 2GB is a bit on the low side. You'll also want to compare the upgrade costs with the cost of upgrading the memory yourself.
- CPU: You'll probably want to select either the i3-3110M or i5-3210M. Both should be just fine for the majority of gaming, because games tend to be bottlenecked by the GPU before being bottlenecked by the CPU. You shouldn't need more than this though.
- Hard Drive: The upgrades here are well-priced. A good general-case choice is the 500GB 7200RPM, but that isn't a specifically mandatory choice.

For a faster GTX 660M, there's the Optimus IV:

- http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/optimusIV-15/