>>> HELP: Budget UltraTHIN gaming Laptop????


Sep 24, 2012

My parents are planning to buy me a laptop this christmas and I'm so excited...

I'm looking an affordable ULTRATHIN Gaming Laptop that meets my criteria:

1) Dedicated GPU
- Either Radeon HD 7700m or Above AND nVidia 650m or Above, prefferably I'll stick to nVidia hehe Kepler...

2) High Capacity RAM (4 GB or more, much better)
- I mostly do gaming, photo/video editing and multi tasking

3) Screen Size LESS THAN 15.6in
- For me, any laptops greater than 15.6in is not anymore portalble too bulky in most bags

4) ULTRA THIN (less than 1in)
- I do apreciate ultrathin laptops, it good for the eyes and more easy to pack in slim bagpacks

5) Backlit Keyboard
- Mostly I used my PC as an Sleeping pills, I do really need that feature

6)Very Cool, neat, beautifully and elegantly designed and shaped
- Just like my Ferrari laptop, I want my new laptop to be an eye candy and eye catching

7) Affordable
- Our budget is under $ 1,500

8)Latest CPU
- I must be installed with latest CPUs Ivy-Bridge, Trinity and so on...

Things that I don't care and features that doesn't matter, I do not usually use it in Laptops:
Optical Drive
- Very very very very rare to use and besides I own an external ODD

Long Battery Life
- Most of the time, When I use my current laptop it is Plug IN to an 220 outlet

Powerful Speaker
- All the time I use my V-Moda Headphones

High Capacity HDD
- To be Honest my 500Gb HDD is just 1/4 full

Guys currently I'm really having a hard time in finding a Budget UltraTHIN Gaming Laptop that either meets and exceeds my TOP PRORITES. Please do help me out, any suggestion, comment and advice would do no matter how small it is I do REALLY appricieate your Help!

Ohh BTW, currently on my list that I have found is only Hp Envy 15t-3202tx, Guys please do give me more options to choose.... The More The Better...

Note: Exclude apple products, reports on the net tells that apple PCs aren't compatible for most game tittles...

I don't think you are going to find a Radeon HD 7770 or GTX 660m in a laptop. Those cards produces a lot of heat. You need a large and heavy heatsink and some empty space for air to circulate so that the laptop can be cooled.

I think the most powerful GPU proposed for an ultrabook is the the GTX 650m, but so far no ultrabooks have been released using that graphic card.

You should probably do a combination of lowering your performance expectations, and looking beyond ultrabooks into regular laptops where you will not have an issue finding a GTX 660m or Radeon HD 7770m graphic card.