help buying a new gaming system


Mar 17, 2016
hello friends , im really fond of video gaming . i have a dell inspiron 1564 laptop i just play some really old games on it so now i want to upgrade . im thinking of buying a new gaming laptop and guys im a disabled person thats why im choosing to buy a laptop cause i cant actually play games on a desktop pc also i have arthrites in my hands so im like most comfortable playing games on a laptop keyboard and touchpad as you guys know that gaming laptops are very expensive so i thought of buying a gaming console but i find out that i cant hold the gaming controller properly in my hands so im just thinking about buying a new gaming laptop i really dont have any knowledge about graphics card and processors so im just asking you guys for help my budget is 90k indian rupees what you guys would recommend me or is theres any other cheap alternative of it like some other system that i can comfortable play on.
sorry for my bad english guys and thanks in advance :)