HELP CANT INSTALL NEW Operating system


Jul 25, 2015
hi i have a Middle East Toshiba Satellite C850-B733-52372 with AMD Graphics dedicated 2 GB i used to play some high graphics video games like watch dog and others but and suddenly the screen goes black when i press the power button there is no image or any form of light displayed so i tried to reach out for help for a technician and he told me that the screen IC is burnt and needs to be changed then he did change and the screen worked but he stole 750 GB HDD and then i was forced to buy a new one i bought 500 GB HDD and tried to install a new operating system it was tough do but luckily windows 8.1 worked but either windows 7 and windows 8 didn't work when i bought it was windows 8 then when i tray to install driver The display driver wont be changed except Microsoft basic display apter i tried to install the latest omega 14 but when it installs the screen goes black and never come back then i used to get in safe mode and uninstall or disable AMD then it worked but every time i try to install AMD it goes black and i cant project on my TV,the brightness wont get lower and also my biggest problem of all cant install new operating system it wont boot from the CD or other drives i don't know what to do i have tried it to google and fix it for almost a year so pls pls help me am a collage student and this is my only thing i have to relax and enjoy so plssssssss help


Nov 21, 2014

Also, the technician stole your HDD? lol what the hell? :D

also, you have had that problem for almost a year???

have you tried this (and format your hard drive, if you still have one):

btw, this thread doesn't make sense..
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