Help finding a replacement laptop


Jan 21, 2014
Hi everyone, my laptop was knocked off a table accidentally and there is no longer anything connecting the screen to the bottom half. There's no way for me to fix it myself as the material it's made with is cheap plastic which broke off. It's literally being held together with duct tape. I can no longer carry it around with me without the cables coming undone and causing further damage to the monitor.

So, I'm looking for a new laptop now. I don't really need some of the guts. I already own 8gb memory and a 750gb HDD. So all I'm looking for is a laptop "case" or "cradle" to house the hardware that's in my old laptop. The ONLY difference I'd want between the two is for the new one to have AT LEAST an intel core i5 processor @ 2.~ 3.~ processor.

I'm not looking to spend over $1,000 and anything under that is ABSOLUTELY preferable. Like I said before I just want to swap what I already own into a new machine with a slightly better processor.

My current laptop is a Toshiba Satellite p something. I bought it prebuilt at Bestbuy for $600. It has a lower end i5 processor that goes around 1. something GHZ. 4GB of Ram and a 700gb HDD. Just in case that information is needed to identify the exact model number of the machine I own. I apologize I haven't posted any of the specifics myself but I dont have access to my laptop outside my home anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I thank any of you who choose to answer. :)


Feb 22, 2012
You could get on ebay and buy a replacement case for the laptop you have now but it has to be for the exact model you have now. Laptops don't have a forum factor like desktops, each model is made different and every manufacture does it there own way.

It would be best advised to just buy a whole new one and be done with it. trying to swap parts between old and new laptops sometimes just doesn't work out.


Sep 12, 2013



Sep 12, 2013
I have Toshiba Satellite A135-S4727 that I'm trying to sell for $160. It works fine. I got it as backup but need $$ more than the machine. It needs a mask/escutcheon that I'm trying to find but that won't inhibit the use at all. What it will do it make it not possible to lock the display down onto the main body of the computer for transport but I've been just putting it in a briefcase and that works well. If you're interested, please reply:
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