Help Me choose My new Phone

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Feb 13, 2013
Hello ,
So there is a clearance at my phone operator and i have to choose one these Phones, So please help me choose the best one :

BlackBerry Bold 9000
BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105
BlackBerry Torch
HTC Sensation Z710e
LG P920 3D
Nokia E7
Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 820
Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia N8
Nokia N9
Nokia X6
Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
Samsung I9100 GALAXY S2
Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini
Htc Windows phone 8S

Thanks in advance :)
the s3 mini isn't as good as the origninal S3.
I think The sensation is great but if i could choose between the S2 and the sensation i would choose the S2.
Blackberry isn't updating his "old" stuff anymore and I think windows phone is great if u like it but that's an OS that you're going to hate or like.
I don't suggest to take an os thats build by the brand of the phone but you can better take an os that will be updated. (no Nokia N8 ,Nokia N9 ,Nokia X6 is what i mean)
So i would go for the samsung galaxy S2 or One of the nokia windows phones if u like them :)


Jul 4, 2013
I would prefer to take the s2 because of its better hardware specs because when you use multiple ram intensive apps the phone will shut down all the apps and sometimes even restart itselfs because the ram capacity is to low (only with multiple ram intensive apps, it isn't such a problem)
and yes the htc sensation has some unofficial jelly bean roms (try google and you'll find a couple of jelly bean roms)
About the screen : personnaly i think the screen in general is better on the s2 and then im talking about the colors the resolution of the s2 is lower then the htc sensation but it isn't that much lower that thats a reason to choose for the sensation.
Both are great products and if you use more colors the super amoled plus screen is better than the LCD screen(=htc sensation)
it's your choise and a phone is personal ,so it depends on what you use most.

also for €10 more you got:
- more storage room 1->16 gb
- more ram
- better front camera
- longer call time , longer use time of the phone : better battery


Dec 17, 2012
Tbh, if you're smart about it - either phone would work for you. The RAM won't be much of an issue if you download a task manager like ES Task Manager (they also make a file explorer). Simply kill tasks running in the background when you are done using that particular app. I have a rooted, overclocked, custom flashed HTC Desire Z that is yet to fail due to lack of RAM, and it only has 512MB.

Sheer performance wise, go for the S2. It also has more custom ROMs available than the Sensation, including CyanogenMod (the one my custom ROM is based off) which includes right out of the box extra tweaks for performance such as CPU clock controls.


Feb 13, 2013
Also the S2 is faster on web browsing and definetly better on benchmarks . So i would choose the Galaxy S2 .
Thanks guys for the help. i really appriceate it :D