Help me find a 15" non-gaming laptop with SSD for my parents.


Dec 21, 2016
1. Budget = up to 500 GBP (but can go a bit up - perhaps 600GBP) if it makes a good difference in quality)

2. 15 inch laptop size

3. 1920 x 1080 resolution or higher.

4. Will be mainly used as desktop replacement with occasional usage on holidays or similar.

5. Battery life is not so crucial as it will be mainly used at home on a desk, but also should not be very bad.

6. Laptop for parents, they don't play games whatsoever, so integrated Intel HD graphics card would be more than enough.

7. They are not very computer savvy so it will mainly be used for films, music, watching YouTube, browsing internet and writing/editing documents in MS Office suite.

8. I would very very much prefer SSD over HDD. Must be enough space to hold Windows 10 installation + MS Office, medium sized music collection and few movies + maybe a TV series season in HD. If the laptop has a HDD but it is easy to buy an SSD and replace it, that could be considered.

9. Any shops or websites in UK are fine as long as laptop can be bought or delivered until 5th of January.

10. My parents don't feel the need to change technologies often, so as long as it does aforementioned functions properly and fast enough, there is no need for replacement. So I might imagine, it could be a laptop for the next 5 years or so, at least.

11. DVD writer could be useful, but not essential. I can buy them external one later if needed, plus moms old laptop has a DVD writer. I can install Daemon Tools for installing image files if needed and I can set up a USB memory stick as a Windows 10 installation medium, if needed.

12. About brands - there is no preference actually as long as the product is reliable. Mom is really satisfied with her old Acer laptop and would prefer the same brand, but as I see from the laptop manufacturer reliability chart, in those 5 years since I bought her that Acer Aspire, a lot has changed. HP is one of the most reliable manufacturers (up from one of the worst) and Acer has gone down quite a bit. Asus also looks quite good now.

13. Parents live in Latvia, but my mom is in UK (London area) until the 5th of January.

14. I would prefer (if possible) a laptop that comes with Windows 10 as the standard OS. Also I am looking in the direction of Intel i5 quad cores, or is it too unrealistic for the price? What could be the optimal CPU for their needs, which would not bottleneck the SSD?
For the uses, an i3 sounds sufficient,an i5 probably being a little overkill, and should allow a budget to upgrade to an SSD. The cost of a 'new' laptops with good spec (i5 etc) & an SSD is likely going to push into the top of your budget. Luckily, an SSD upgrade is one of the simplest upgrades available.

Very quick searching finds an HP 250. i5-5200U, 8GB RAM and a 500GB HDD. 15.6", DVD drive etc.
Appears to be available for delivery tomorrow too!
A little over 400.

A ~500GB SSD from Patriot being a decent budget option, is around 98.
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

Storage: Patriot Torch LE 480GB 2.5" Solid State Drive (£97.99 @ Amazon UK)
Total: £97.99
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Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-12-21 17:05 GMT+0000

So you'd be in it for almost exactly 500.

There are other 'budget' SSD options in the same 95-110 price range. I like the ADATA SP550 myself.

Can;t really go wrong with any of those SSDs for the intended usage.


Dec 21, 2016
Thank you for reply. Will look into it.

P.S. Everything looks good on it, apart from the screen. Screen was also the reason I sent back the previous laptop 2 days after buying it (Lenovo with similar specs but also 1366x768 resolution)

Typical of an entry-level laptop, the HP 250 G4 has a basic screen. It’s 15.6 inches across and 1366 x768 pixel resolution. This is the sort of screen that has been used in laptops for well over a decade. It’s not very sharp.



Dec 21, 2016
It also sacrifices the screen size unfortunately. 13.3"

Ok, could you point me towards cheapest decent laptops with the specs I wanted? I guess I can stretch the budget a bit more if needed. Not like I will go hungry and living under a bridge.

So i3, 8GB RAM, Full HD, HDD (can swap later), 15", Intel HD graphics.

I am up to something. Started checking the website you were using to find laptops. They don't have a filter for resolution but I started looking manually.

Might this be decent?
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