Question Help me find the best upgrade for my note9


Jan 8, 2014
Hello everyone.
Need an advice to help pick a new phone.
I am in US, carrier is T-Mobile.
My current phone obviously a Samsung note 9.
I like the phone but would like to upgrade to something that is 5G capable.
Here are my main requirements that a must have. I wish I could just enter the reqs into Google and get a list.

Even though I use note today and had some before, the stylus is optional for me, so any suggestion of not stylus devices is perfectly acceptable. If device has all the features on the must have list but no stylus it may work perfectly.
The only real must for me is my budget. Any sugestions should be under 1k if possible.

  1. A large clear screen. Something close to note9 6.4in
  2. 6gb or more ram.
  3. 128gb space
  4. Good camera.
  5. Wireless charging
  6. A storage card capable. Most newer phones got rid of the external storage ☹️
  7. Preferebly no glass back.
  8. A ip68 waterproof rating if possible.

Thanks for all your positive responses.