Help me please :) - Samsung 350v5c i7 or dell inspiron 15r se i5 3230m?


Jul 1, 2013
both retailing at £500.

Samsung 350V5C-A06 Laptop, Intel Core i7 3630qm, 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB, 15.6”, 720p, intel 4000 graphics

Dell inspiron 15 r se i5 3230m, 2.6ghz, 8gb RAM, 1TB, 2GB ADM RADEON 7730m Graphics card, 1080p, widi.

Really stuck which one to go with. I know the samsung is quad core which in some ways would seem like a no brainer, however the dell has a dedicated graphics card, full hd, widi, etc.

I am also considering whether I should get the same dell but with the i7 3630qm.

Any help and advice would be really appreciated. I just dont know if the i7 is really necessary or worth paying the extra £130 odd? I know its better but if its not going to be noticeable for what i do then would put cash towards something else

I dont use laptop for anything too extensive....downloading, surfing the web, ableton, maybe a little photo editing in the future. Do not game on laptop.

Thanks for any help


Feb 6, 2013

I would say get the inspiron...The biggest plus it has over the Samsung laptop is the 1080p display. The difference between a 1080p display ad a 720p display is night and day when it comes to general tasks like web browsing.
Also since you don't do any intensive stuff, it is hard to justify the extra premium for the i7. You wont even see the difference in day to day usage..


Oct 21, 2013
If you don't play games and do small video editings just get the one which is cheaper. Intel hd 4000 is still very sufficient for video editing(not recommended for games) If you need some speed in performing tasks go for samsung or dell having i7 quad core. (For build quality and trustworthiness I'd suggest Dell over Samsung)
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