help me selecting a good gaming laptop


Dec 12, 2012
Hi I want to buy a laptop for gaming asa well as engneering purpose
it should have gddr5 gfx and 4th generation intel processor budgets rs 65000


Sep 26, 2011
your budget is close to 1000 USD so I would recommend two laptops with this price range new, unless you don`t have a problem buying lightly used.
you have the lenovo y510p
and asus N550JV
both has GT750m which is pretty decent for medium gaming and close to gtx660m in performance.
and with the asus you get dual graphics which is good for battery,
since its really difficult to buy a laptop with a gtx graphic card that is 1000$ especially if it has a full HD screen unless its custom build where you can pick a core I5 and compensate with the GTX card.
the third option would be to grab a used ASUS republic of gamers machine with 3rd generation core i7 or if you lucky you can get a 4th generation G74 or g750.
anyway I would simply recommend the two above for best value.
good luck :)