Help retrieve data

Jan 30, 2019
How do I get back pics, songs, videos, contacts from a phone that was stolen from me and put back to factory setting? Please please HELP
If the device was stolen, unless you had set up an app or other software to allow you remote access to the device, and to back up anything you had on it, there is no way to get the info nor wipe the device. Most phones do not come with remote accessing/wiping software.

Alas, once it is gone, it is gone. They best you can do at this point (unless you had such software/app on the device) is to contact your carrier/service provider and have them cut the service to it so you don't get a huge bill. You can also report the theft to the police.

You also need to contact any companies that you accesses through your phone and change your passwords, etc., with them so that no one can access them. Banks, google, etc.

I would suggest that in the future you keep backups of anything on your phone either to a cloud account, google account or a computer, and don't keep anything you don't want seen or accessed on the phone. I don't know how many times a month I get someone saying they need to wipe something 'private' off of their phone that was stolen, but by then it is to late. I would suggest you also put remote wiping software on any new device you get. There are many apps and services you can get that do that.