Help selecting type of antivirus


Jul 14, 2016
I got done doing my first build and the past few days I have been playing with it.
It came with some Norton security that won't even open. I am not sure what type of security I need as I have seen multiple types (internet, antivirus, malware, total protection, etc.)

What I will be using the PC for:
-Downloading mods for various games
-Downloading third party software to monitor FPS/PC performance
-Online shopping
So basically I want to be able to be protected while doing any of that, but I also don't want a pesky/complicated security program that causes issues with any of that. Or atleast if it does, it is easy to manage and get around if I trust something.

I have windows 10
Here is my full build

I appreciate any suggestions for what would be best.

There is no "type", just different packages.

Norton Internet Security is a decent package, but also take a look at Bitdefender, Kapersky, and Trend Micro. All scored near perfect scores at avtest