HELP!!! Spilled Coffee On My Laptop


Feb 11, 2015
Guys I accidentally spill my coffee on my laptop, it continues to work.I removed the battery plugged it off and put it upside down...What else can I do? Is it possible to never work again, because the moment I spilled it was working and even battery was wet....Also I have a lot of important things in laptop HDD how can I save them?


Jul 21, 2015
If the hard drive is removable and you don't have full disc encryption or anything, I would remove the HDD so as to not damage it (any more than it already is). Plug it into a desktop and grab whatever files you need off of it.

As for the laptop itself, it is hard to gauge damage without looking at it but it's safe to assume the laptop is now unreliable at best and unusable at worst.


Dec 13, 2010

Disconnect all power sources/battery

Wipe away any visible moisture

Place in tub of silica packets/clean rice if you dont have any silica

Hope for the best :( Good luck mate!


May 11, 2014
Yes, silica gel (those that come in packets with new shoes) and rice are good in absorbing moisture. I suggest sealing the laptop with the silica for at least 48 hours before using it.
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