Question Help testing speaker system

May 22, 2020
I'm moving into a new house and there's a sound system with 4 built in speakers, 2 volume controls in the wall and 4 pairs of banana plug inputs in another wall. (Also a couple of speakers outside) We're doing reno before moving and the wall where the connections are will be taken out. I can ask them to preserve them but not sure if that'd be a hassle when we don't even know if it works.

Is there some (cheap) way I could check if they work? I was trying to see if I can find a way to connect my phone. I also have a Yamaha receiver and a turntable but I imagine I'd still need to buy some sort of adapter. Searching Amazon but not really sure what to do (I'm a total novice with audio systems)

A few pics here: View:
(The black Yamaha speaker outside I am guessing is separate, but no idea)

Does it look like something worth keeping or will it likely need a lot of work? And any ideas on a cheap/easy way to test it out with what I have or something I'm not thinking of?

I'm happy to buy an adapter or something I just don't know what to do. Due to COVID-19 it's a challenge to have anyone come in to look at it. Thanks in advance.


You will need to find out where that rotary knob is wired to, as well as the speaker jacks in the wall. Most likely you will need an amp to run the speakers.

The speakers are good quality so all you need to do is connect an amp/receiver to those plugs and see what makes noise.
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