Help with finding a good budget gaming laptop

Apr 13, 2018
I'm trying to find a decent gaming laptop, nothing exactly "optimal" for future gaming because I intend to build a gaming PC before the year ends, essentially I want a laptop that can run any game that will be released this year with at least 30fps on lowest settings (I don't fancy graphics but as I said I'll build a PC that can run better settings with high fps later). I mostly play MMOs, stuff like BDO, BNS and TERA etc, my budget is 800$ I don't mind going above that I'd just like a good $ to quality ratio laptop rather than just throwing my money at the big brand names without question but if I'm not paying more for a significant improvement I'd rather stay under the
budget than go over . I've been looking at this cuz it seems like the best option but I'd like your insight, ty!


May 29, 2017
IMO, I suggest the Dell Inspiron 7567. It's a good laptop. It's only downside was the FHD, which has been switched out with a IPS. I'm typing this from one. Base model is around ~$700 to $900 depending on where you get it from

Dell also has G series laptops as well.

A lots of laptop reviews go for the helios 300, but base models have never been less than $1000 in my searches.

I'd go with getting a decent laptop and upgrading specs like RAM, screen, SSD, because upgrading those will still be cheaper than buying a higher version.