Solved! help with video quality problem


May 21, 2017
I've built my htpc and I've been having problem when watching hd movies. It seems i can watch tv shows hd/sd, but it seems that when i try to watch a movie whether streaming or downloads the picture just ain't up to par. The image seems fuzzy at times and pixely at other times, and sometimes it's crystal clear. Just some info as to what I'm working with,
MSI z270 gaming pro carbon -MB
i3 gen 7 (kabylake 4k support)
16gb ram ddr4
250 samsung ssd
10tb hdd ironwolf
TV -4k Haier 55"curved (BD and everything else plays clear and bright, only when i play any hd files from my htpc)
I use kodi (newest version)
I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the onboard hdmi only being 1.4a and not 2.0 so I'm only able to get 30hz (I'd think not but i don't know everything)
I used to have a gtx 1080 evga video card but i didn't play games so i updated the cpu from gen 6to 7 for the 4k suppor and sold the video card. Even tho i was told that the video output for 4k movies would not have any benefit from a video card over the onboard (NO GAMES AT ALL) i seem to think my video quality was better with the card.
Is there any settings or drivers i should use or change/adjust?? Any helps or advice would be greatly appreciated. If i do need a video card, what is the absolute cheapest card that supports hdmi 2.0??? I DO NOT GAME AT ALL


Question from Shawn_1976 : "problem with picture quality"