Question help

Jan 5, 2021
when i tried adding the work jailbreak in the title of my question it would just go away is why i asked, for starters when you see jailbreaks like uncover and it says iso 11-13.5

this doesnt mean it works with every ios like 11.0.1 11.0.2 11.0.3 and so on......??????all the way to 13.5 so how do we know which actual ones it works with?
for instance using altstore it must be 12.2 or higher, so as you can see im really confused.
I have been reading for weeks and weeks,read many threads are old and no longer work, like cydia impactor i assume no longer works? i have tried lailbreaking several different phone, only successful on an iphone 6 running 12.2

another question
iphone 7 running ios 12.1.1 can this one be jailbroke?
iphone X running iso 13.6.1 can ths one be jailroke?

thanks so very much if you can acutally answer my questions