Solved! High Pitch and loud static sounds


Jul 23, 2017
Hello, My problem sounds just like these others in the forum. But my Vizio TV all of a sudden started making these very loud static sounds, it's as if back in the 90's when you saw "Snow" on the tv screen (just kind of explaining the sounds) but the tv has clear picture during these sounds, but then it will last maybe 10 or so seconds, then turn off by itself and then turn on by itself, then it would keep going through this process making these awful loud static sounds and repeat it a few times, and sometimes the sounds are very high pitch (like those hearing tests, you hear a buzz in one ear then the other) but only like 20x higher, probably loud enough to shatter a wine glass (Obviously Exaggerating) a bit, but you get the idea, that's just how very loud it is, then it goes back to normal, I also get those green screen and all this flickering lines on the screen, then it's all clear picture and clear/normal sounds from whatever the TV show is, after the TV has been turned off overnight, the next day I go to turn my TV on again, then this process of these horrible sounds again, so it's the same exact thing every single day. And I have no idea what to do, it's been going on for months, i lost track of when it actually started. after while I just turn the TV on and then quickly hurry out of the room an close the door so I don't even have to hear those awful sounds, then i'd come back 10 minutes later.