Question Hisense soundbar very quiet

Nov 10, 2021
Might be a long shot but im hoping to get some answers.
I have a hisense tv and have a hisense soundbar. Since getting the soundbar and setting it up its been very quiet. Volume has to be over half way for decent sound. Then lastnight, after being on pause while i was on the phone for maybe half hour, the volume went all the way down, i turned it up and it went to normal and was giving awesome sound at 15-20 volume. But this morning it was back to being quiet... I know it has the potential to sound amazing but i just can not sort it out. Ive reset my tv and everything, played around with the settings on the soundbar aswell. I can get an optical cord but ive heard its better to use hdmi which is what i prefer. Am i doing something wrong? Any help would be great. Thanks


Did you check the volume level on the TV as well as the soundbar? Are you just connecting the TV to the soundbar or are you using something else with the TV for media? Did you contact Hisense support?
Using optical won't be any worse than using HDMI.
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