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May 9, 2019

I'm about to move into a new house and am rethinking my current Home Theater system so I can install it properly in the new place. Right now I have a sort of evolved-piece-meal set of components with an Onkyo HT-RC360 receiver, two 15+ year old nice Technics tower speakers, a newer Polk CS10 center speaker, two newer JBL Loft30's, and two 20+ year old crappy RCA surrounds. I'd like to improve my system by replacing the RCA's with new surrounds and also add a subwoofer (I used to have a CerwinVega 15" monster but now have none).

SUB: It's going into a pretty large room so I imagine I need a 12" sub in the new setup. I'm on a budget, so I can't go spending hundreds and hundreds on new stuff, unfortunately. I had been debating the Polk PSW10 since they don't make the 12" anymore, for around $100-$140. Then I saw a JBL Studio 260P Refurbished on sale for $150, though the sketchy reliability scares me. Others have recommended a Dayton Audio Sub-1200 for $150 as a great everyday-value. Any other options I should look into? Any recommendations?

SURROUNDS: The Loft30s aren't the best speakers out there, I know, so I had planned to move them to the Rear, leaving me in the market for some new side-surrounds. Someone mentioned dipolar speakers or whatever, which intrigues me, though they seem rather large. Are they worth pursuing? Alternatively, I saw Polk T15 bookshelf for $70, Pioneer SP-BS22-LR for $100, and Dayton Audio B652's for only $28. Any other options? Any recommendations?

Any other comments, suggestions, concerns in general? I'm looking to create a solid 7.1 setup with potential to move to 9.1 in the future. Mostly I am focusing my HT on movie perforamnce. Am I screwed because I'm using so many different brands and models and ages of speakers?
The Dayton Audio subs at parts-express offer excellent value. You can get kits from them too.
Dipole side surrounds are almost always a plus. They create a wider more immersive effect and cover a larger area then standard speakers. They cost more because they have more speakers in them and the cabinet costs a bit more too.
The quality of the surround speakers is not going to make a big change in the overall sound.
For myself I would try to address the sub first, then get enough money to upgrade all three front speakers. Using speakers that are voiced to play together makes a big difference. If the Polk center you have is a current model then consider getting Polk towers to replace the Technics. Use the Technics in another room for stereo music.
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