Question Home theater speakers

Jun 25, 2019
I have two home theater systems One was working fine then it just stopped working. I woke up one morning and turned the tv on and hit the tv sound button on the theater remote for and nothing. my other theater system I found in an in opened box by our dumpster and it has a blue screen issue, I can use it as sound system when hooked up to cable but now I don't have cable and the radio recover works fine on it.
My questions are....
  1. Can I use the speakers from the system that died be used as external speakers to a combination record, cd,cassette and radio player? It has the standard red and yellow out put right and left speakers. I know I will need to change the plug on the end of the speaker.
  2. On the system with the blue screen, I wasn't about to waste $80.00 to have some to come out and look at it and tell me it's going to cost $200.00 to fix it. That's money I can't put into something that can't be used for a necessity. Question is can I use as a sound system for the audio system on the combination radio..... using component output?
  3. The blue screen is there anyone know what the solution to the blue screen is. Both system's are Samsung. I did try using the one with the blue screen issue as a sound system for my tv but I can't get to the menu because of the blue screen even with the optical output.
Any suggestions?
I'm using my phone to submit this and I hope I didn't make any errors.


1. If both systems have the same type of speaker connections then there should not be issues. Only thing is you need to watch out for is wattage capability of the speakers. If you are connecting lower end speakers to a high power amp you don't want to turn up the sound too much or you can blow the speakers.

2. No way to know what you can use the system for, if you can't see anything on the screen then you have no way of working it aside from just connecting things to it and see what works.

3. No way to know what the system you have is or what this blue screen is exactly, could be a simple bad display, could be the whole system is faulty.

How did you make sure the system you have is bad, did you try different connections, different inputs, etc...?
I would suggest you check that the impedance of the speakers is compatible with the system you want to connect them to. If they are lower than it can handle it would damage the system. If the speakers can't handle the power of that system you just have to be careful not to play them too loud.
Some HTS systems use 2-3 ohm speakers which are not compatible with most AVRs or stereo gear.
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