honest i7 2620m review


Oct 28, 2015
Hello all,

Im new to this forum but have been into computing since i was a preteen. A year ago, i came across an hp elitebook 8460p that was "broken" so I was able to purchase it for a mere $45. I noticed that it had an i7 and after replacing the HDD with a 500gb SSHD and loading windows 8.1, I found out that this pc came with the 2620m. I did research on user reviews of this processor and discovered that there was a lot of hate for it out there lol. It is a sandy bridge era dual core with a 2.7 ghz clock and 3.4ghz tubo boost frequency. It's also capable of hyperthreading. I just dont know why so many people dislike this processor.....it feels very snappy to me. I especially like it in the 8460p because its extremely portable at 14 inches and has an incredibly robust build quality. Im sure 8gb of ram and the hybrid drive help it perform better though. Overall I couldn't ask for anything else in an everyday PC. Any insight as to why the 2620m got took so much heat? lol


Jan 30, 2014
Hi there
Don't know myself, but I suspect that folks were expecting a full quad core with hyper threading processor when they saw that it was an i7 and that they were disappointed that it came only in dual core.