How and where to play games on my Lenovo Y510P

Philippe Luyckx

Aug 4, 2014
I've got this great Laptop which i use for photo and video editing , now i would like to play games and i don't know how to go upon ?
I've just got the double video card and no DVD player therefore how could i install and play games on dvd support ?
Would the 2 videocards advantage still work if i'd simply connect an external dvd player via usb ,
So it is impossible to play games without connectiong an external player ?
I hoped to find a way to download games straight from the net , looking for a good website with all the recent games .... paying off course.
I live in belgium and the few places i found don't allow game purchases outside there own country (us,england)

What must i do to play games like "wolfenstein" "battlefield" " call of dity " and more ?
To play those games like battlefield, cod. You have to buy a disk or either download it off Origin.

You could also download free and paid games from the Windows 8 store.