Question How can a cellphone App process input from 3 cameras?


Dec 15, 2010
I want an app created (for both both Android and Apple iOS phones) that will
accept wired Audio/Video signals from THREE small cameras (with RCA connectors).
Maybe some type of "electronic component box" would be needed, to "merge" those AV signals
into the one cable that is connected to the phone's regular USB / charging port?
Upon a programmed command, the app will upload X minutes of those Three AV sources to some place in the Cloud.
Can that be done?


That already exists, but not in the way you think.

I have 2 (soon to be 3) Reolink cameras.
Connected to a switch and router. The magic "electronic component box" .

I can access the video on my phone (WiFi), tablet (WiFi), or PC(WiFi or ethernet), and have it upload to wherever I choose.
I can access it from anywhere in the world, not just with a direct USB cable.

What you desire could be created.
But there would be a VERY small market for that.
Small, as in 'the universe of You'.

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