how can i hook up headphones to my Samsung 8000 smart tv without affecting tv speakers

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Nov 21, 2017
You can better try out wireless headphone. But if you prefer going in with wired one then just search for AUX input in your TV and just plug and play.

I have a LG 30 inch TV and i use a Bluetooth module [advert removed] for converting my wired headphone to wireless the module is pretty ok in performance but not up to the mark but still i use it for wireless listening convince.
TVs don't have "aux" inputs and you can't use an input as an output in any case.
The TV doesn't have a headphone jack so you can't connect wired headphones directly to the TV. Even if you could that usually turns off the TV speakers.
To connect wireless headphones you can connect a bluetooth trasnmitter to the optical audio output of the TV. Check the manual on how to turn it on and configure it. The problem may be that you can't turn it on without turning the TV speakers off. Check the TV menu. I seem to remember that on one Samsung TV Iset up you could turn the optical out on and the TV speakers off in the main audio menu and then turn the speakers back on in the quick select menu without the optical going out, You would have to try it. If that did not work then get a BT transmitter that will pair with two devices and also get a bluetooth speaker or soundbar so you can pair both the headphones and it to the transmitter.
May 28, 2018
Thank you, thank you, thank you, americanaudiophile! That worked. I’ve been trying to figure this out for days even to the point of preparing to purchase another tv. I already had a Bluetooth transmitter for two devices but used it to pair two headphones. Never occurred to me that I could just pair with one headphone and a Bluetooth speaker. I already had a Bluetooth jam box. It paired instantly so problem solved! Now my husband can use his headphones and the rest of us still have sound!
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