Question How Can I Improve Abysmal Laptop Performance

Jul 6, 2022

I have a HP pavilion laptop the model is 15-da0598sa according to the back. It's not that old, maybe 2 years (I inherited from my parents after they lost patience with it) and I know it only has an i3 processor but it is so diabolically slow to do anything whatsoever. When I open any application, even a web or file browser it takes as long as 4+ minutes sometimes before I can actually use the app etc. I only use fairly basic software,I don't use it for gaming, etc. I'm a radio amateur and SDR software and other ham radio software is all I want to use the laptop for. The laptop is well within the spec necessary to run the software I want to use but like I say it's painfully slow. Basically I'm after any advice regarding what I can do to get the machine to work well enough that I don't pull my hair out every time I try to be used it. It has 4gb ram currently, but can take a maximum of 16gb, would this likely solve the problem? It currently only has a HDD would replacing for a solid state drive do the job? I don't really want to invest in RAM and a new hard disc if it would be throwing good money after bad, so any advice would be much appreciated.