Question How can I run a virtual soundboard


Jul 27, 2017
I dont know if calling it a virtual soundboard is correct but basically what I want to do is have some sounds recorded and then on the press of a button one of the sounds play though my microphone. It would also help if there is a way to remap the keys in a way so that I can finally use the other 10 buttons on the side of my Redragon Perdition 2 mouse. I can remap the buttons ons the side of the mouse if I have to. So just clarifying my question, is there a way to make sounds play through my microphone when I press a button but i could have multiple sounds mapped to different buttons.
A microphone picks up sound for transmission or recording but can't be used to play sound back. That's the job of a speaker or headphone.
As for being able to play a sound by just using a mouse button I suppose it would depend on the playback software having the ability to play each sound with a different command and then being able to map the command onto the mouse.
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