How can I tape a noisy next door neighbor? My walls are vibrating at 2am!


Feb 28, 2014
The noise begins at 6:30am til 8:45am; it begins again at 6:30pm til 9:30pm. And here's the good part: from 10:30am til 2:00am, sometimes as late as 3am.

How can I tape this noise thru the walls?
Step one is to leave an anonymous note on the neighbors door politely mentioning the noise problem.
Step two is to complain to your building management. If there is a common area you can put up a notice that other tenants can sign. Gives you more ammo.
Step three is to call the cops (in the early am).
If you want some documentation I would record the noise with something that will time stamp the recording. Record audio and video showing a TV that is set to a channel or the channel guide that will show date and time. That stamps the audio. Your phone will work or any video recorder you can borrow.
Sounds like a very inconsiderate moron that will probably make you send the cops.
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