How can I unistall Farstone's DriveClone Pro??


Apr 10, 2010
Yikes!! Got this #$%^!! software with D-Link's DNS-321 NAS.

Now I can't get rid of it.

D-Link doesn't have any information about it. In fact, it look's like they have stopped posting any support information at all last year. They are happy to provide you with a support phone call for the low, low price of $35.95. Blah!! That's a hearty, "I won't buy anything from them again."

Farstone is not any help either. They no longer sell DriveClonePro. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from them either.

I have Revouninstaller which has worked pretty well in the past. Revo ran the DriveClone's uninstaller. It's scan of left over registry and files that it wants me to delete shows many, many items not associated with DriveClone, like templates for AveryDesign Pro. Huh??

After shutdown and restart, good old DriveClone appears once again before Window loads -- not gone and not forgotten.

1. Is there something in MBR that is still there? Or whatever MBR is called in Windows 7 Professional.

2. I'm concerned that there are also still remnants left on Drive (C).

3. I'm concerned about missing files that got might have been deleted and shouldn't have been. One reason I like Revo is that it always creates a new set point before any deletion.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Download ccleaner, and run the registry tool. You may need to run it several times to resolve all the issues. This likely won't fix the problem, but since you used revo to do some registry editing, it's a good idea to tidy up some. Revo is a very nice piece of software, btw.

Run msconfig, and you can stop the software from loading with windows. If you find it in there, look at the location of it. You can navigate there and delete the rest of it.