How can i use my phone as a remote control in a samsung hd tv without internet


"cell phone app for remote samsung tv"

Set the search criteria to "Past year"

You should find many links and then be able to narrow the search down to the necessary criteria: e.g., the make and model of your phone.

And the specific Samsung TV model.

Read the details carefully: download, installation, configuration.
"Without Internet" - I suppose the apps @Ralston18 mentions about require that your TV and your phone to be connected to same WiFi network. If you have no WiFi, you might be able to turn your phone into "hot spot", and connect your TV to it.

Last - if you have some old phone, it might have Infra-Red transmitter. TIf it does, search Google Play for "Infrared remote control" type of applications. There used to be plenty of them in the past, but very few phones (if any) now have IR.

Do you know whether your Motorola phone has infra-red port? What's the exact model of that phone?
If your LG TV is "smart", Check the manual, whether they provide remote-access app.