How change the default time zone in Samsung Galaxy S Duos?


Apr 30, 2013

Maybe i haven't tried to find enough but I am facing a problem with my Duos.
The time on the phone clock is correct (let's say GMT+2), but I am facing troubles with the time on other applications regarding this.
For example:
S Planner ( which is connected to my Outlook calendar). In the beginning it was showing all meeting 2 hours earlier than they actually where. Then I used the setting to lock the time zone. Now the meeting times are showing correct, but the notification still comes 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier. and when opening the day view - it shows incorrect time.

Also - Accuweather widget. - it always showed correct update time but the big clock on the widget showed incorrect time. I couldn't find any setting where I could change this.

Please help if anyone has more information or similar problem!

Thank you in advance!


Dec 17, 2012
Not entirely true. The info does come from your network, but you in no way have to allow them your location information.

They determine the time zone you are currently in by which tower is currently receiving signal from your phone. This is how national carriers like AT&T are able to automatically update the time on your phone for day light savings, or when you leave the state/province.

In order to have this happen you do need to enable it, but it has nothing to do with your location settings. You don't need to have GPS turned on to have your clock set to the proper time zone automatically.

Simply go to settings > Date & Time > check the box for "automatic." Alternatively, if you don't plan on leaving your current time zone, you can set the default time zone from the other options in this menu.
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