How close are we to deep dive / full immersion VR?

Nov 11, 2018
Will it happen within our lifetime ( in 20-50 years)?

By using Elon Musk's Neuralink (Neural Lace 2039???) ,NerveGear, nanobots, mind uploading maybe?

And if we were to achieve this would anyone still want to live in the real world apart from people who are maintaining the system and certain religious groups?(or at least take breaks from full dive VR)

And will VR be able to replicate most senses by 2060?


May 31, 2016
I feel you weren't around when Back to the Future Part2 was released in theaters.
That teaches us to temper our expectations of the future and understand the limitations of our imagination and out ignorance on the sciences.

Here is my prediction.. in 5-7 years, there is going to be OpenWorld VR experiences, where you have players roaming a giant empty warehouse / office building. The open space is mapped / tracked with Lighthouses. Players can then play something akin to Left4Dead in a map that takes them inside the space in circles... so they are visually tricked into thinking the space is infinite.

This is the future I believe in. :)

Also.. VR Autocad and engineering workspaces.
Nov 16, 2018
the only thing to say is maybe,

by this I mean we don't know if there will be a massive boom in science so that we gain a greater understanding of the human brain or computer-based growth that leads to better hardware.

at the correct time I would guess in 10 years we will have affordable technology that fools the brain to think it is in a different place by having a platform we can move on but not go anywhere on and have things like VR goggles on. this is not full VR but is a way to make us believe we are in a new world. this does come with its problems those. this means that while we can walk and move are hands are real bodies are still being used to send this data to a machine so if you have problems moving your limbs you likely will not be able to use this tech. it also means that you are likely still going to know that you wear stuff on you. think of it like assassin's creed movie: we can do cool things but are body still need to move in order to do it so we can't become gods by just plugging are a self in.

however, if you want full VR. the type was your body is asleep and your mind is the only thing working then this will take longer. not only for the tech to be made wich with the current rate things are being made I would say 30-70 years for a good quilty and cheap for the everyday person. but this comes with it problem like how safe it is. what if government hijacked people brains or people were asleep in VR when there was a fire and didn't know about it. to get past these safety issues would likely take a year at least as well. also, it would mean that we had a great understanding of the human brain so by then there may be a way to do VR but in a different format so this is very hard to predict. lots of companies from government for military to schools for learning to game companies for (you guessed it) gaming are working on making this teak real and with the massive jump this tech could give us a lot of people want to make it come true so I would not be superposed if you and I was able to see it in our lifetimes (depending on age of course).

also, there are lots of other things that need to be worked on if you want a full working VR. this can be things like AI for control the worlds as a human can likely not keep up with a full VR and it would take tones of time to code every little detail by a human and get it all right and one small error can make it feel unreal or become dangers for the host to use.

well, that's a lot of info and I'm sure lots of it will change over the years. 70% of all fact turn out to be false anyway have fun for all we know VR may never come true but we can dream.