Solved! How do I add subtitles?

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Oct 18, 2020
So, I have a lot of movies and TV shows that I have downloaded on mine. I've already done the legwork and found the subtitle files I need to add to the videos and when a use my media player on my computer it gives me the option to go hunt down the file for the subtitles so I can use it for the video. But it doesn't give me an option to always have the same file consistently available it always makes me go hunt down the subtitle file so that I can see the subtitles on the video. I have all the subtitles name exactly as the videos and the exact same folder and I found plenty of other software that lets me have perminent subtitles but I don't always want them displayed on the screen I just want so create the option to have the subtitles when I want it and immediately have them available. Does anyone know how to do this?