How do I change the language in myvoice mail?

Jun 14, 2021
When I try to listen to my voicemail messages the voice that gives the instructions, like "press 1 to mark message for deletion", has changed from English to Spanish. I have looked through everything I can find on my phone to change it and cant find anything on it.
My cell phone is a new Samsung Galaxy A21 and it's my first cell phone. I just got it last March 2021.
When I first got it the voice-mail worked fine. Then a few days ago when I went to play my messages, the instructions that say, to mark a message for deletion press 1, gave all the instructions in Spanish. I don't know how it got changed from English to Spanish and I can't find any instructions on how to change it back. I can't find anything for the settings of voice-mail.
I have reset my phone by restarting it several times and it's still speaking in Spanish.
Anyone have any ideas on how to change it back to English?
The ColoradoHermit
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