Question How do I 'format' a partition specifically for virus removal?

Mar 28, 2021
Good day. I believe my PC has malicious malware somewhere within it that is allowing someone to monitor or know everything I do on it. They are harassing me non stop calling my textnow number and when I changed it, they called just once on the new number as a sort of screwed up way of letting me know that they know the new number as well.

Anyway. I made a post on reddit asking how to delete everything back to factory settings and someone advised me to use a Windows USB. When I downloaded the creation tool, I restarted my system to go into the boot menu and it did that all by itself. I was brought to a menu that asked me what Windows I wanted to install and then to the next screen of where I wanted to install it. There were three partitions that popped up, I 'deleted' all three and then it created three more partitions, plus one additional 'new' partition (so four partitions in total). Unfortunately, the Windows file was not absent from my USB when I went into my PC after it was finished coming back online. So I think I did something wrong, the person who advised me to do this had mentioned that the flash drive would be wiped of all data afterwards.

I want everything GONE off of this PC and I don't want this creep or any other creep watching me, so I'm going to make a habit of nuking my PC every week. Can someone please explain to me how a below average computer'er like myself can go about doing this by formatting drives, as opposed to deleting them? I require the utmost and absolute method of removing a malicious program from my system. There are no videos on YouTube or Google that explain this or demonstrate how to do this, all they tell you how to do is the very simple factory reset that's done by locating the command in the settings menu. I need to go even further than that. I'm not good at coding or anything like that, is this something I can do with little to no experience? Please help me out, thanks
Mar 28, 2021
I require the utmost and absolute method of removing a malicious program from my system.
first of all, let me assure you that by deleting partitions you removed everything off your hard drive/ssd. Well, technically speaking, it's not exactly like that (since only overwritten data cease to exist), but I'm sure nothing malicious remains there.
Second, a bullet-proof way to make HDD/SSD virgin is to perform zero-writing operation, that is filling the drive with zeros. This would be complete, ultimate, non-reversible way to wipe everything.
As to fighting virii, I suggest that you use .ISO files provided by reputable antivirus makers (pick up two or three) to create a bootable USB drive. Essentially, it will contain latest antivirus signature files and a simple interface to run a scan. It is a more reliable way to detect and remove malicious software because it 'sleeps' and does not interfere with the operating system. I've used about a dozen bootable AV .ISOs in the past and always succeeded at cleaning computer.
As to phone calling, I doubt your computer is to blame for someone knowing your new phone number. Is your phone is smartphone then it can be the culprit itself.


Most issues like this are not caused by viruses but by simply your account information being given out at some point to a shady web site or a compromised password from some site that was re-used on other sites. Someone falling for a fake email or message from a web site can also cause issues.

Start with checking what sites you go to, and change the passwords there. Try not to re-use any since any leak of a password database causes the hackers to try those passwords on a lot of various sites.

To do a clean Windows setup, do exactly what you did already, boot off the USB drive, delete all existing partitions, go through the Windows setup and then get the drivers for the system from the PC/motherboard vendor support site.
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