How do i use these speakers?


Jun 21, 2011
hey there,
i'm a bit lost on this one as i have never really looked into the audio side of computing before, but any way.
Does any one know how i would use 3 sets of 2, different speakers together they all have this '2 wired connect'? i'm not sure what the proper name is for this type of audio connection is but it isn't a type of jack.

each speaker has 2 wires coming from it that are stripped bare at the ends, so i am really asking if there is a way to connect these speakers all together and use them as a surround sound system for my PC?

thought it would be a waste just to through them away.

Below is a link to a photo of the type of connection i mean.



Oct 15, 2007
not many speakers work without an amplifier.
connecting a speaker to the soundcard could damage the soundcard.
and if they did work, and are ment to be connected without an amp.. the sound output would be extremely low.
imagine some headphones laying on a table with the volume up as loud as it will go.
the speakers would only get about that loud too (or less).

what is the information on the back of the speaker?
a model number helps.. but how many watts and what ohm helps me more.
cant begin connections without some knowledge of the speaker.
i mean, you could get an amp and start with the volume low to work your way up..
the amp might be the wrong size.
not really a big deal unless the amp is much smaller than what the speakers need.
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