How late Is Too Late to Replace a Phone?



I'm posting this mainly out of curiosity.

So I have a large nuclear family. Husband, wife, three kids. All of us have smartphones. We got into a debate about replacing our phones.

My oldest and middle agree that phones should be replaces every 2-3 years. My husband is a believer that you should keep a phone until it either dies a permanent death or you smash it on accident.

My youngest doesn't have a phone, but that's because he's too young for one and he keeps jumping from one hype train the to next.

Personally, being environmentally mindful and also tech-minded, I think there's a good middle line to walk when it comes to replacing a phone. I went from a Gen one Apple phone to an S2, and later an S7. I think once the processor and the battery get on their last legs, that's when you should be ready to replace it. Also a good opportunity to recycle them!

So Tom's, what do you think?
Apr 21, 2018
Every 3-4 years is great for a MidRange. Though for a High End it would be until EOL.
If you still are considering changing your phones, I would recommend you to do some research. Though OnePlus and Xiaomi should be Excellent options.
I am of a mix between your choices. While there is nothing wrong with keeping a phone for years if it still works, however sometimes it is beneficial to get a newer one sooner. You should, however, always check to see if it is actually worth it. Just having the latest 'whatever' option, app, etc., doesn't mean it will be a better device than the one you are using. So always compare not only the new devices, but also the one you have with them as well. You may also want to do more than just read about them before making a change.

Check out places locally that may have working ones you can check out and view in person (not just the body but the way it works, etc.). If you can't find anything locally then try videos online. Anything to learn more about it. Otherwise you may not not know it is say missing a feature you always use, and can't get now, or has a feature you want on one but not on another. That stuff is not usually in the advertised info or the specs.

Lastly, another reason to hold onto older phones, if they are in good working order, is for younger ones. While I am not an advocate of little ones having phones, not like they need it when they are very young, but if you want to start them off with something, better to do it with a device you already had and not get them a new one. I know someone with a six year old who they were going to buy a new phone for him. He was 5 at the time. SMH. I talked them into, instead of that, taking a phone they already had (since they wanted to upgrade themselves) and let the child start with that one. Turned out to be a good idea ;) as the child has now killed 6 'older' phones.

Tech is great, but changing the tech and getting new stuff just for the sake of having new stuff is not such a wise idea.

Just my 50 cents (inflation).


I replace devices when they no longer work properly for what I want them to do or break. Replacing things on a timeline is fine for major business that are worried about vendor support or warranty, or those that have money to spend on upgrades just to upgrade.
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