Question How old is too old? Laptop


Nov 30, 2011
My Laptop is 5 years old. At what age should I maybe upgrade to a current one? I normally do lots of photo editing with photoshop and Lightroom. My laptop is overheating so am considering a newer one. thanks

Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer... Only too old if it's not doing what you need it to do.

The only reason I upgraded my six year old cell phone (that did take a swim in the kitchen sink a few years ago), was because they offered me a free upgrade. Otherwise, I'd still be using it (I could still make my phone calls and text the people I needed to).

If my last laptop hadn't completely died, I'd probably still be using that as well. Same with my current tablet. Still working (albeit quite slowly) but still sufficient for my needs.

-Wolf sends