How to connect a smart Samsung TV already connected to Satellite, to a VCR/DVD Sanyo combo.

May 16, 2018
Samsung TV UN50EH5300F
Sanyo DVD/VCR Combo FWDV225F
TV is connected to Direct TV
How do I connect the DVD/VCR player?
For playback the DVD/VCR has to be connected to the shared component-composite video input. Use an AV cable which will work for both the DVD and VCR. You may need to set the input to composite in the TV menu.
You can find the manuals here
If your DTV box has AV outputs that are active at the same time as the HDMI output that is connected to the TV you can use use them to feed the AV input on the VCR for recording. The picture won't be HD.

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