How To Connect and Install PiMax 4K on Windows properly?


Jun 25, 2015

  • I download the PiPlay Vr2.0.5.46 from
    and installed it. My Pc Os is Windows 10 (GPU are Amd 7970 | Hdmi to GTX 1080Ti)
    Restart, conect the device USB 3 and HDMI into the GTX 1080Ti
    Turn On the device by pressing the device button for 7 seconds. The led green turns on and then go blue.
The monitor of the device PiMax is showing the desktop.
But PiPlay is not recognizing the VR device.
What is the Installation step by step?
I do not use Steam but I need it?
Do I need to run I run VC.exe and also I unrar Dx.rar?