Solved! How to connect Bluetooth transmitter receiver to speakers

Dec 17, 2018
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Hey guys,

I have a 2.1 speaker setup which isn't Bluetooth, however I one of them battery Bluetooth receiver transmitters that plugs in the aux, however I have to turn on the Bluetooth receiver everytime I want to use the speakers via Bluetooth (only use bluetooth), and if nothing is connected after 10 min it turns off, even if I leave it plugged in the wall at all times, I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate it with a constant power supply from my speakers and have it constantly on so I can just come home and auto connect? I haven't seen anything like this online but am willing to buy a new transmitter if they sell a non battery powered always on one, end goal is to strip the 2.1 system and custom make a new box to house everything instead of buying a Sonos or equivalent, and main goal is to run everything off 1 plug, the only thing I'm struggling with is the always on/auto turns on with the speaker integration, I should be able to feed it power off of the feed to the amplifier/sub as it won't draw much? Any info is appreciated as it's the first time I'm attempting something like this.

Thanks, Josh
Aug 27, 2008
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The power supply in the sub will not be active all the time and won't be likely to be the correct voltage. You could jury rig an external power supply to replace the batteries of the one you have. You may still have a problem since it will still go off when it doesn't see a signal for a certain amount of time.
They do make BT transmitters that don't run on batteries.
since battery power for home use doesn't make any sense.
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