How to connect mobile with laptop windows 7 via hotspot and what should we do if it's not working

As long as the hotspot itself is working correctly, which you can test with other devices to see if they can access it, then the computer should access it the same way it would any WiFi connection. If it still won't connect. Try shutting down the hotspot connection. Restart that device and then turn the hotspot back on.

While that is restarting, remove any WiFi connection for the hotspot listed in your computer's network settings. Then turn off (yes off, not sleep or hibernate) the laptop and restart it. Once it is restarted, then try reentering the hotspot's info to see if it will connect.

Should it still not connect to it, try connecting to a different WiFi. If the other WiFi connects fine, then there is an issue with your hotspot connection, the device being used as a hotspot or the service for the hotspot. For the last one you would need to contact the company the service is through.

If it doesn't work on any other WiFi either, then you may have a bad WiFi in the laptop.

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