Solved! How to connect my 321 series III to Samsung UN49NU8000F

Jan 31, 2019
I have excellent audio - connection from Bose 321 optical cable to TV; no video output from Bose 321 (w/HDMI) to TV on HDMI 2.
Given the age of the Bose it would not be a surprise if the DVD player stopped working, Just buy a new disc player and connect it to the TV. The optical connection will give you sound from the new player.


Feb 19, 2013
– Switch from one Video Input to another and then back to the original input.
– Turn everything off, then:
A. Turn on the TV and set the TV Video Input for the Bose system video.
B. Turn on the 3•2•1® system and press DVD.
– Turn off both the TV and the 3•2•1 system and then:
A. Unplug the HDMI cable from both ends.
B. Disconnect the power cables from both your TV and the 3•2•1 Acoustimass® module.
C. Re-connect power to the television and to the Acoustimass module.
D. When the 3•2•1 startup message disappears from the display, re-connect the HDMI cable.
E. Turn on the TV first, then turn on the 3•2•1 system