How to connect my mxq pro android box to a Linn unidisk sd player


Jan 31, 2018
I have a plasma screen with no speakers. I run it with a Linn surround system with my sky and ps3 box running through my Linn Unidisk SC player for sound.

I want to connect my OTT TV MXQ pro android box in the same way. I have connected it to the TV via an HDMI but am struggle to connect it to the unidisk player for sound. I dont know what connectors to select or what cable to use

Can you advise me please

All three sources would be connected to the plasma so the simplest way is to use the audio output of the TV for all three sources. Use the digital audio out if you have on on the TV.
If the MXQ pro doesn't have an audio output then you could use an HDMI input selector with audio extraction to create one.
Your other sources could be use with it as well making operation a bit simpler since you could select video and audio with one button.