How to connect samsung galaxy y s5360 to pc for internet


Your phone should be connected to your router to use the network to acess the internet. When you go into your phones settings you should have an option to enable WiFi and once you enable that you will be able to see any available neworks that are in range so you would select yours and ten enter the network password and you will be connected.
You can connect you phone to your laptop by either the usb cable that came with your phone or by wireless and blue tooth but to access the internet you may need an aplication on your laptop for that.


If you want the PC to connect to the internet through your phone, then you need to install PDANet 3.5 on your Android phone (search for it in the Google store). You will then be asked if you want to download PDANet for Windows. Click "Yes".

After the download has been completed, connect the phone to the PC so that you can copy and install PDANet into Windows. Launch PDANet on both PC and Android phone. Follow the simple instructions.

You are can now surf the internet on your PC. This is known as tethering.
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